a room of one's own

talk back salons

The Bloomsbury Group

Saturday, November 16th following 2pm matinee *added performance*

Hosted by Michaela McMahon
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Sunday, November 17th following the 2pm matinee
Hosted by Professor Garry Leonard
A focus on Community, Communication, Compassion: Writing and Ethics"
 'A Room of One's Own' is a compelling presentation of the importance of writing as an ethical base to help organize and contain the otherwise frantic and fragmented experience of modernity."
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Wednesday, November 20th following the 7pm evening show
Host TBA
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Virginia Woolf wrote A Room of One's Own  85 years ago. She hoped that in 100 years time the world might be a place where Shakespeare's sister could live and write her poetry, like her brother could his.  

Are we there yet?

What is the current state of equality for women in Canada? In the world?

What does the David Gilmour media storm say, if anything, about how we regard female writers today?  

We want to know what you think!  

So, we are hosting "Talk Back Salons" led by Women's Studies graduates to engage our audience in a discussions about these ideas.  

We are also welcoming an academic of English Literature - a Woolf specialist if you like - to join us for a Salon with a different focus.  Professor Garry Leonard hosts on Sunday Nov 17th!

Admission to the "Salon" is included in the ticket price. Bring a friend or a foe and make these discussions lively! Everybody and every perspective is welcome.